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kunsept case studies

Over the years Kunsept has provided services for numerous clients. Here you will find a few case studies describing the clients’ needs and the solutions provided by Kunsept. This section will be updated regularly so stay posted.

aloni pirzul

aloni pirzul

A web site for household accessories and appliances, from door knobs to dishwashers, and everything else for your home.

The demand

the customer wanted to display all his accessories in an easy and intuitive way, and to draw more new customers to the business

The challenge

featuring a large variety of accessories with a clean and professional design

The result

within a very short time period from the moment the site went on-line, our customer told us that he had not expected the vast number of new customers that had contacted him through the new website

"The project was delivered well ahead of the scheduled deadline after which I received a full briefing for using the content managing system, which is easy to use. Pricing was reasonable for my demands. Personally, I enjoyed working with kunsept and would highly recommend working with them, I know I will do so again."

Yaniv Yom-Tov