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kunsept case studies

Over the years Kunsept has provided services for numerous clients. Here you will find a few case studies describing the clients’ needs and the solutions provided by Kunsept. This section will be updated regularly so stay posted.

mcdonalds promotional screen creator

mcdonalds promotional screen creator

The fast food giant needed a quick and easy way to create promotional screens that appear in each of their restaurants. Kunsept created a reliable and effective application to do just that and now you can see the results in over 100 McDonalds’ branches.

The demand

diplaying the new deals of the chain in a new and creative form matching the rapid nature of mcdonalds

The challenge

developing an application that presents creatively the new deals and chain messages, using screens.

The result

the application appears on the monitors stationed in more than 100 branches, and provides an updated experience for both customers and the chain itself. This innovative advertising method provides an advantage over competing chains.